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An Abstract

An Abstract of  Fr. Hugh Fonseca, Parish Priest, of Holy Family church , 28th February, 1986, on the occasion of the Blessing & Dedication of the new Church. 


"I cannot believe it ! Is it really true? Our parish Church at last coming up.” These were some of the varied reactions from parishioners when it was announced last May that work on the Church building was soon to begin. As the days and months have flown by since then initial doubt and skepticism has given way to joy and excitement for soon on March 8th'a dream will become a reality when His Grace Archbishop S. Pimenta will bless the new Church and consecrate the altar. 

After many years of patent waiting at last the people of Pestom Sagar parish will have their own place of worship..' maybe there is a moral for us somewhere First and foremost, that when people shed their differences and come together, many things can be achieved. The Church building, an edifice of stone and cement, is a symbol of the living Church, a sign of what we as a Catholic community are called to be in this area of the city. However, it can only .be a living Church if the members put aside their inhibitions and fears, and most especially, their apathy, unconcern and indifference and work to build a truly holy family of God's people. 

At this moment of celebration and rejoicing, however, we cannot forget the pioneers both among the clergy and the lay people who have worked to bring the parish to its: present state We remember with gratitude Fr. A D'Silva who despite certain limitations worked tirelessly to sow the seed and start what today is a fast developing, bubbling parish -in the eastern suburbs. Thanks are due too to Fathers Joe Castelino, Joseph Vincent and Milton Gonsalves for putting both school and parish on a firm footing. And we cannot, forget also those lay people who took the initiative in arranging for the priest and starting off the Holy Family parish unit about 16 years ago. 

The blessing of the new Church is however not the end but only the beginning, a time for pause, to look ahead with hope to the formation of the parish community and to spread God's kingdom of truth, justice, love and peace in this area. To paraphrase the words of the poet, Robert Frost "The woods are lovely, dark and deep; And we have miles and miles to go before we sleep." 

I take this opportunity of thanking Archbishop S. Pimenta, the Auxiliary Bishops F. Fonseca and L. Pereira, for their support and encouragement, both financial and otherwise. Our thanks are due too to the Architects, Mr. Vyomkesan and Mr. Sivadas, of M/s. Studiarch, as well as to the Contractors, Mr. Chaubal and Mr. Ovalekar, of Enarch Construction Co.

It’s not possible to thank each one by name and individually, so I trust you will bear with me as I say thanks to all those who have contributed in any way in cash or kind towards the growth of the Church and building and the parish community, through their services or their time. May the Lord bless each one of you abundantly and fill you with the Peace, Joy Happiness He alone can give.