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Holy Week Message - Parish Priest Fr.(Dr.) Francis Carvalho

My dear parishioners, 

Today we begin the last week of Lent and it is known as the Holy Week. This is the holiest time of the liturgical year, a time when the church commemorates the final week of our Lord's life. The events that are commemorated during the Holy Week are Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Great Vigil.

This being the ‘Year of Faith’ I invite your use this time of Holy Week to deepen you relationship with your God. I say your God because He invites each of us into a very personal relationship.  I sincerely request you to set aside some time, at least half an hour if not one hour, every day of this week to enjoy the company of your God .

Fr. K. T. Emmanuel in his Lenten talks has given us  a lot of spiritual food to dwell on, use it to pray.
 I would suggest that you could begin with the Book of Glory in John’s Gospel (Chs. 13 – 20) which begins with Jesus setting the example of service by washing the feet of His disciples (Ch 13:1-30). This is followed by the  “Farewell Discourse” (Ch 13:31 – 16:33); the “ High Priestly Prayer of Jesus” (Ch:17: 1- 26); then the  “Passion Narrative” (Chs. 18 – 19) I am sure you would certainly get deeper insights into the Love of our God.

You have begun well by participating in the liturgy today. Now go ahead and set aside just an hour a day exclusively for this spiritual exercise and enjoy its abundant spiritual fruit, you and your loved ones. May I request you to please pray for all the parishioners and us priests.

May we, like Mary, ponder on God’s word, treasure it  in our hearts and give Jesus to our broken world.

I sign off wishing you a prayer filled Holy Week and assuring you of praying for you and with you.

Fr. Francis Carvalho
Parish  Priest