A minute to win it !


1. Each community will select 4 players. 1 male and 1 female (Married.. NOT necessary a couple)   AND 1 male and female (unmarried) And 1 Non Playing Captain [ any age ]. So 5 players in a group. 

2. All the communities will be divided into 4 groups and will compete against each other in the group. The winner from each group will go to the finals.

3. Each community will be given 6 games to play.

4. If a team loses any game they have a 2 LIFE LINES to play again. For every lifeline used by a team that team lose 50 points. In one game the team can use only one lifeline, if they still lose, the games is continued by the other participating team. The Losing team gets no points. 

5. Each community will get to play 3 single player games and 3 games with a partners. 

6. Each game has to be completed in a Minute. Points will be awarded accordingly.

7. For every game you win you get 100 points. With every win the teams moves up to the next level. The team that finishes all Six levels without using any life line wins extra 100 bonus points. 

8. For each level, chits will be picked up as to which team will have a 1st go at the game. The team playing first at each level also gets a chance to select which game they will play. The same game will be played by all the groups.
9. If at the end of the Six Levels, there is a tie between two teams, a bonus game will be played to decide the winner of the group. All points system stand the same. 
10. Extra Bonus points will be given to a team if they finish the game in:
        60 to 55 seconds - 10 points
        55 to 40 Seconds - 20 points
        40 to 30 Seconds - 30 Points
        30 to 20 Seconds - 50 Points

SPORTSMANSHIP : All participants agree to conduct themselves in a manner displaying good sportsmanship throughout the Competition with a positive presentation upon entry and exit from the performance area, as well as throughout the showcase and competition. The Team Representative is responsible for seeing that all team members conduct themselves accordingly.

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