HFC Terror Attack Puzzle

Hi friends,

As part of the HFC Big Boss Fun activities that we organise, today we seek your help to solve a terror mystery and stop an attack from taking place !!

Attached here are links to 7 pdf files, numbered accordingly.

The first file has clues for the second file and second file has clues for third file and so on.

The first file, ‘00 Instructions’ has no password.

Follow instructions and the last file will give you the final answer.

Send us the final answer, and the first one to do so is our 'HFC Sherlock' !!

You are expected to solve this mystery within 60 minutes, however do not hesitate to send us your answers whenever you are done.

Happy hunting !! 

Links to the files :

00 Instructions

01 Motive

02 City

03 Location

04 What will they use

05 What time

06 What Day-Date