Your Prayer Requests

Kindly pray for the following intentions of our parishioners -

                                                       Prayer Requests received on 5th May 2021

31. Prayer for my Daddy who is critical in ICU due to COVID. Doctors have given up. Only Jesus Christ can heal and save him. Kindly pray for his recovery.

30. Prayer seeking forgiveness for my Brother and guides him in the right direction. To do right things, to be good human being, son to mother, father to his son.

                                                       Prayer Requests received on 3rd May 2021

29. Prayer to our Lord Jesus & Mother Mary to help my mother who is serious to recover from corona virus and come home soon.

28. Prayer to Lord Jesus to heal me from the pain which is there in my left hand wrist for a long time.

27. Prayer for someone in the ICU in a critical condition because of Covid. Lord heal him completely.

26. Prayer for someone who is in the ICU because of Covid and not responding to any medicine. Lord Jesus heal him completely.

                                                       Prayer Requests received on 2nd May 2021

25. Pray to give me strength to bear the loss of a family member and keep the family united.

24. Pray for my family to be safe and cured from COVID

23. Pray for a quick recovery of my husband who is hospitalized and suffering from COVID

                                                       Prayer Requests received on 1st May 2021

22. Pray for a near one who is critical that he may get cured from corona soon.

21. Pray for my mother in law's good health. She has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering.

20. Pray for the departed soul E.P Joy, who died due to Corona virus.

19. Pray for a near one to recover from Covid

18. Pray for my daughter to be healed of the long persisting illness

17. Pray for a near one who is on oxygen at Jumbo Centre. That he may be healed and that he be sent home.

16. Prayer to heal the person requesting the prayer, from Corona.

15. Prayer to a person in family that he be healed from Corona.

14. Pray for the  sick in the hospitals and homes.

                                                   Prayer Requests received on 30th April 2021

13. Pray for recovery from Covid fully. And get back her strength.

12. Pray for a very serious person who has Oxygen tube inserted in his throat. That he be able to breathe on his own and recover from Covid 19

11. Prayer for a family member who is on ventilator, to be healed from COVID and discharged from hospital.

10. Pray for COVID Relief and good health

9. Pray for Good health from Covid if affected

8. Pray for healing from Corona For the whole world

                                                   Prayer Requests received on 29th April 2021

7. Pray for Post Covid recovery... Specially pray for  my dad who is, weak but doing fine and discharged. For my husband too to regain his health... We praise and thank the Lord for keeping us safe.


5. Pray for people knowingly or unknowingly involved in new age practices

4. Please pray to get rid of Severe cough and severe knee pain

3. Please pray for Protection from Corona Virus

2. Pray that all my dreams prayers come true...bless each and everyone in this earth

1. Please pray for complete healing of a parishioner undergoing chemotherapy.

*Please note that the identity of all those requesting prayers will be kept confidential.