Your Prayer Requests

Kindly pray for the following intentions of our parishioners -

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 23rd August 2021          

79. Pray for someone who is going through a tough financial condition.

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 19th August 2021          

78. For a near one who has been hospitalized since the last 27 days. Prayers required for her speedy recovery..

77. Recovery & healing from a brain surgery

76. For a near one who is suffering from Covid, fighting for his life in hospital.

75. A near one is getting married around the end of this month. She is suffering from Las 2 days due to food allergies - dysentery, diarrhoea rashes on her body. Please pray for her quick recovery 🙏 Thanks

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 14th August 2021          

74. Urgent Prayers needed for My mother having high fever & body pain last 2 days. Pray that our lord Jesus may grant healing.

73. Prayer for Occupancy of a Vacant Shop & to find a suitable tenant for it.

72. Urgent Prayers Needed for My Mother having Fever & Body pain since yesterday. Please pray that she is healed completely.

71. Prayer for Blessing of a child. Waiting eagerly since 11 years

70. Pray for Occupancy of a vacant flat.

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 13th August 2021  

69. Pray for my daughter that she settles well in her marriage, have a good future and for God to touch her.

68. For a healthy pregnancy and a normal delivery.  To clear Maha TET exam. Exam to be held in the month of October.

67. Pray for a job abroad.

66. To breathe a close one needs the ventilator. Pray that he can breathe normal.

65. Please pray that a close one comes out of depression and is a normal person again. Also pray that my keloids may be healed.

64. Please pray that my husband may once again fully commit to our marriage and leave the 'other' woman he's in a relationship with.

                                                   Prayer Requests received on  3rd August 2021          

63. Please pray for My Friend's friend whose mother recently commit suicide. And also for her to give her best in her upcoming competitive exam

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 29th July 2021          

62. Pray for healing of my mother from her sickness.

61. Good Health , success in Exams for our children , success in Business and Job.

60. To get admission in a good college

59. Praying for Education, health and career. Praying that everyone in this world are healthy. Cure the people suffering from various disease ..protect this world from the people in need..may our wishes and prayers come true ..bless each and every creatures in this world..unite the loved ones with each other ..Hallelujah!!! Praise the lord 🙏🏼 Thank you Jesus for each and everyone in my life ... I'm very grateful for your abundant 💕 love ....thank you for each and every second of my life...for this beautiful 🌎 World, beautiful nature 🌴, beautiful places , amazing people' , friends, partner, relatives, and many more people whom I met in my daily life ... I feeel soo blessed to have everything in my life... thank you sooo very much ❤️ I Love you Jesus!!✨

58. Pray for inner healing for all and for our family tree to blossom and be blessed

57. Please pray for the wellbeing of our family.

56. Praying for a near one to get well soon as well as gets a job soon too.

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 28th July 2021

55. Please pray for my uncle who is unwell and in ICU.

54. Please pray that my keloids may be healed. Also pray for my children and their studies.

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 5th June 2021          

53. Prayer for my cousin to cure his sickness on diabetics, kidney problem. Jesus be at his side to give him strength to overcome the sickness.

52. Prayer for mother who is sick and going through pain with her food pipe, stomach bowl, eyesight, vertigo. Lord cure her sickness.

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 4th June 2021

51. Prayer to secure a suitable job.

50. Prayers for all  who lost their jobs, so God helps them seek a job back.

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 29th May 2021

49. Thanksgiving to Lord Jesus and Mother Mary for the miracles and constant help.                                                    
                                                    Prayer Requests received on 27th May 2021          

48. Prayer for my mother's 2DEcho report to come normal and also all the other blood reports to be normal as her ECG is not good ,so has to go to Cardiologist today .                                       

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 26th May 2021

47. Prayer for a near one who recently had a fall and cannot walk now. She has arthritis, diabetes etc. May God heal her as soon as possible in this difficult time.

46. Prayer to heal mother who has very high Blood Pressure. Doctor has recommended full body checkup along with ECG. Pray that everything goes smoothly.

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 20th May 2021

45. Prayer for Protection from Covid

44. Prayer for complete healing from Covid

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 18th May 2021

43. Please pray for all whose properties got damaged due to the cyclone

42. Prayer for a friend of mine who has some major family issues, and she has to make very important decisions for herself regarding her career and family which will determine her entire future.

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 17th May 2021

41. Prayer for good health and protection from any sicknesses for everyone.

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 16th May 2021

40. Prayer for speedy recovery of my husband from Covid

                                                   Prayer Requests received on 13th May 2021

39. Prayer that my Mummy and Daddy respond to the medicines being administered

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 12th May 2021


37. Prayer to keep us safe in your custody Lord and to take this Pandemic away and keep families together.

36. Prayers for my mother and aunty to get recover from sickness

35. Pray for the success of  my daughter in her exams .
34. Prayers for the cure of my daughter's illness.

33. Pray from a wife for her husband to join ship soon.

32. Pray for the members of the Christopher community and all the people battling against covid

                                                    Prayer Requests received on 5th May 2021

31. Prayer for my Daddy who is critical in ICU due to COVID. Doctors have given up. Only Jesus Christ can heal and save him. Kindly pray for his recovery.

30. Prayer seeking forgiveness for my Brother and guides him in the right direction. To do right things, to be good human being, son to mother, father to his son.

                                                       Prayer Requests received on 3rd May 2021

29. Prayer to our Lord Jesus & Mother Mary to help my mother who is serious to recover from corona virus and come home soon.

28. Prayer to Lord Jesus to heal me from the pain which is there in my left hand wrist for a long time.

27. Prayer for someone in the ICU in a critical condition because of Covid. Lord heal him completely.

26. Prayer for someone who is in the ICU because of Covid and not responding to any medicine. Lord Jesus heal him completely.

                                                       Prayer Requests received on 2nd May 2021

25. Pray to give me strength to bear the loss of a family member and keep the family united.

24. Pray for my family to be safe and cured from COVID

23. Pray for a quick recovery of my husband who is hospitalized and suffering from COVID

                                                       Prayer Requests received on 1st May 2021

22. Pray for a near one who is critical that he may get cured from corona soon.

21. Pray for my mother in law's good health. She has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering.

20. Pray for the departed soul E.P Joy, who died due to Corona virus.

19. Pray for a near one to recover from Covid

18. Pray for my daughter to be healed of the long persisting illness

17. Pray for a near one who is on oxygen at Jumbo Centre. That he may be healed and that he be sent home.

16. Prayer to heal the person requesting the prayer, from Corona.

15. Prayer to a person in family that he be healed from Corona.

14. Pray for the  sick in the hospitals and homes.

                                                   Prayer Requests received on 30th April 2021

13. Pray for recovery from Covid fully. And get back her strength.

12. Pray for a very serious person who has Oxygen tube inserted in his throat. That he be able to breathe on his own and recover from Covid 19

11. Prayer for a family member who is on ventilator, to be healed from COVID and discharged from hospital.

10. Pray for COVID Relief and good health

9. Pray for Good health from Covid if affected

8. Pray for healing from Corona For the whole world

                                                   Prayer Requests received on 29th April 2021

7. Pray for Post Covid recovery... Specially pray for  my dad who is, weak but doing fine and discharged. For my husband too to regain his health... We praise and thank the Lord for keeping us safe.


5. Pray for people knowingly or unknowingly involved in new age practices

4. Please pray to get rid of Severe cough and severe knee pain

3. Please pray for Protection from Corona Virus

2. Pray that all my dreams prayers come true...bless each and everyone in this earth

1. Please pray for complete healing of a parishioner undergoing chemotherapy.

*Please note that the identity of all those requesting prayers will be kept confidential.