The Wait - An Advent concert

An advent concert titled "The Wait" was held on 9th December 2017 after the evening mass in the church. The evening was a melange of evocative piano recitals, divine advent hymns, mellifluous Canticles, and classic Soprano arias. The purpose of this concert was two-fold: to enable our audience empathize with the anticipatory wait of our forefathers who pined for the Messiah and to encourage the budding talents in our home turf.

The names of the performers in the alphetical order:

Adeline Lobo (Soprano)
Adrian Menezes (Pianoforte)
Akshata Lobo (Soprano, Pianoforte)
Alisha Almeida (Pianoforte)
Chanel Farias (Pianoforte)
Chris Lobo (Vocals, Guitar) 
Dax Fernandes (Pianoforte)
Edwiz Davidson (Soprano)
Joanna Bara (Pianoforte)
Joel Fernandes (Pianoforte)
Josh D'costa (Violin)
Leston Vaz (Vocals)
Maria Lopes (Vocals) 
Renée Philip (Soprano, Pianoforte)
Trevor D'costa (Guitar)

Special thanks to the elegant hostess Ms Kavita Lobo.