Charismatic Prayer Group

The Ecclesia Prayer Group was born in the year 1981 due to the efforts of a few faithful under the guidance of the Holy Spirit from the Parish of Holy Family Church, Pestom Sagar, Chembur. This group works under the guidance of Catholic Charismatic Renewal and the active support of the clergy. It has been instrumental in bringing about a revival in the Parish since then. Today, this group of 35-40 members meet every Tuesday in the Parish Hall at 7:30pm. Anointed praise and worship followed by a Biblical teaching and fellowship is the order of the meeting.

With a passion for God and compassion for His people, the group has been successful in conducting many Healing Services, Life in the Spirit seminars, Short Bible courses, Gospel Sharing, Interesting Bible Quizzes, Praying over Students, Night Vigils, Visiting and praying over the sick, Parish Recollections, Confirmation retreats, Screening movies, Special healing masses, Youth Outreaches, Intercession for the Parish and the World.

The Prayer Group library with a decent collection of books by top Christian authors is kept open for the members. God has never ceased to show His faithfulness and we have witnessed miracles and transformation in the lives of people, broken families reuniting and the sick being restored to health. All glory to God!

The group also stresses on the teachings of the Church and helping people discover the richness of the Catholic faith. This has helped people see the sacraments in a new light. Bringing Jesus to every soul and help them grow in maturity of Christ is our mission. This group is all about Christ who is the exact personification of grace, love and peace. And so along with Fr. Lincoln Rebello, the present Spiritual Director of our group, we extend a personal invitation to each and every parishioner. Do come once to experience the touch of the Creator and your life will never be the same again