Parish Youth Council

he Parish Youth Council (PYC) has its main objective to animate Youth Ministry in the parish and nurture the charisms of the various youth related organizations and coordinates with the Neighbourhood Youth Groups (NYG) and the Ecclesial Youth Movements (EYM) in our parish. The PYC strives to promote the all round growth and development of ALL youth in our parish in accordance with the vision statement of our Parish.


The PYC will coordinate with the NYGs and promote the all-round growth and development of all Youth of the Parish in accordance with the aims of the Diocesan Youth Centre of “ Fellowship, Formation and Service”

The main features of the PYC :

It is a representative body – youth from the NYGs, EYMs, and PYGs are represented as members to the PYC.

It represents the interests of the entire parish – the agenda of the PYC is the agenda of every youth of the parish. All members of the PYC are allowed to express themselves and decision to be arrived by the PYC carefully keeping in mind the interests of the youth and the vision set by the archdiocese.

Continuity in Youth Ministry – irrespective of transfer/change of members on the PYC, the youth ministry of the parish should enjoy continuity, by building on the past and looking ahead to the future.

In Our Parish…


• The vision statement of our Parish is to build communities of love and service

• We aim to build the confidence levels among the youth, giving them a definitive identity and orientation.

• We hope to help the youth to grow in maturity, responsibility, social concerns and create in them a sense of belonging to a community called a church, in which they chose to be involved because they see themselves as agents of change.